Ice Cream and Agriculture

I always enjoy the State Fair of West Virginia, but probably not for any of the reasons one would think.  Last year, for instance, I didn’t see a single concert, ride any rides, buy a cinnamon bun, or even spend much time in the barns.  No, my State Fair enjoyment centers solely on ice cream.  You see, for the last several years, I have helped a local Ruritan Club sell ice cream in their stand beside the dairy barn.

I like selling ice cream for three main reasons.  First of all, rarely do mean or rude people eat ice cream.  (Perhaps I should include a disclaimer here that this statement is not scientifically proven!)  And, in my experience, if a customer starts out mean or rude when they order, by the time they get an oversized, hand dipped cone of Rocky Road or Moosetracks or Butter Pecan, their rudeness melts away.  My favorite customers are the kids whose eyes light up like its Christmas morning when I hand them a cone.  The second reason I like selling ice cream is the sampling.  After all, a shift lasts between 6 and 7 hours.  A person has to eat something during that time and plus, when a customer asks for a recommendation on ice cream flavors, I need to be able to honestly tell them!

And the third reason is the questions I get to answer.  Being located so near the cattle barns, I’ve answered questions like “What cow in the barn did this ice cream come from?”  “Does the chocolate ice cream come from a brown cow?”  “Is this ice cream made from milk?”  Sometimes the questions can be a little crazy, but it is one more way I can help promote agriculture.  People are often intimidated when they think about being an advocate for this industry, but if you can incorporate it into something you’re already doing, it makes it a lot easier!  Good luck!