Happy Planting!

Many across the country are already in the midst of spring planting and many may be done, but here in the mountains of West Virginia we’re a little further behind.  Just this week I planted lettuce, beets, and onions in my garden.  Field crops will be at least another three or four weeks.  It seems like just a couple days ago it was snowing – and indeed it actually was – and now it is 80 degrees and we can practically hear the grass growing.

Spring planting is absolutely one of my favorite times of the year on the farm.  It makes me smile to see the bags of field corn stacked in the shed, just waiting for warmer days to be planted; a promise of the sunshine and new life that is to come.  I love seeing the chisel plow being pulled out of the equipment shed for the first time and the smell of a freshly plowed field soon after.  Since I was just a little girl, I’ve enjoyed making trips out to the corn field to check on my dad or deliver a part or bring lunch; I’ll never understand how he keeps his rows so straight.  And it never fails to amaze me how green those first little corn seedlings are when they begin growing.

In a speech I gave last month, I remarked that the season of Spring truly represents what farmers are all about.  All through the long and dreary months of winter, farmers plan and dream for these months of spring.  Farmers are eternal optimists – we gather tiny dried up little seeds, put them in the ground, and cover them with soil.  And then we wait.  We wait for it to rain.  We wait for the sun to shine.  We wait for those thousands of little seeds to grow. One tiny little seed represents so much of who we are and how we, as farmers, live our lives by faith.  Always keep the faith – for there is truly no higher calling from God than to be a farmer or rancher and to care for His land and His creatures.

Happy Springtime, friends!  Sometime during the rush of getting your crops planted and harvested this year, take the time to appreciate how much God blesses us.  Take time to think about how much faith each seed represents – and the true miracle of a once muddy field now covered in lush green growth.